The high density staked vine Ebenhaeser Project started in 2010. In 2014, Dirk de Bruyn was asked by the originator of the project if he would be willing to mentor and guide the two farmers, Henzil Love and Niklaas le Roux. Together they have now finished their third successful harvest. In the beginning of 2017 Henzil had 1100 vines and Niklaas had 2200 vines. In 2016 Dirk, Niklaas, Henzil and Neels Julie (a farmer part of the Small Farmers Project) went to Cape Town to meet with Wine CPAC to share their success story and apply for much needed funding. Their funding application was successful and end of 2017, 9000 vines were planted by Henzil and Niklaas and in 2018 another 14000 vines. 


Everything is done by hand and

horses and small ploughs are used for tillage.


Niklaas le Roux

Henzil Love

Photographer: Jacques Marais


These vine by post practices are not widely used in SA due to the labor intensive nature of it. The  farmers that do put in the extra effort that this method requires, does so with great success.

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